Day Twelve: The Big One

That’s right, today I will tackle the big one:  “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  This song has always bothered me – who would want all that crazy stuff and why would anyone give their true love all those birds?

When I did a little research, I was really surprised – and intrigued – by what I found.  Have you ever heard the meaning of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”?

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Partridge — The One True God;

Two turtle doves — Old and New Testaments;

Three French hens — Three Persons of the Trinity (or the Three Patriarchs — Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.)

Four colley birds — The Four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John;

Five gold rings — The first five books of the Bible, believed to be written by Moses, called the Pentateuch;

Six geese — Six jars of water, turned to wine by Jesus at the wedding at Cana;

Seven swans — Seven Sacraments;

Eight maids a-milking — Eight Beatitudes;

Nine ladies dancing — Nine Choirs (or ranks) of Angels;

Ten lords a-leaping — Ten Commandments;

Eleven pipers — Eleven faithful disciples (not including Judas), or the eleven stars seen in the Old Testament account of Joseph’s dream;

Twelve drummers — Twelve Apostles, or the twelve tribes of Israel.

I got this information here; the site also gives background on why Christians created this mnemonic device.

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