New Year’s Predictions

As much as I love to make New Year’s resolutions, I am rarely successful in keeping them.  But every once in a while I surprise myself – as I did this year – and manage to pull it off.  So riding high on that one victory, I plan to be even more aggressive in my plan to be better and do better this year.

As a working mom, I see all too clearly where I don’t measure up.  As a daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, etc. I know I have improvements to make.  I think that it can be very encouraging for children to see that their parents, grandparents, and teachers fall short of their goals sometimes but that they continue to try.  In that spirit, think about sitting down with the child in your life and working on each of your New Year’s resolutions.  Or, if you prefer, your predictions for what this year will bring.  For instance, your kindergartener will probably learn to read during this school year.  Or may learn to ride a bike or lose a first tooth.  Thinking about those milestones may get your child excited about the new year and re-energized to return to school in January.


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