Global Style

My decorating style has remained pretty consistent since I was a kid. No matter where I am in the world, I can feel at home anywhere once I stack my books and hang some maps. But since returning from the Peace Corps ten years ago, my decor requirements (through six moves!) has been my artwork, baskets, and blankets from Africa.

That’s why I was especially drawn to an article I read in Rachael Ray’s magazine on shopping like a world traveler. The piece includes information on Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe, but my eye was drawn to this basket from Africa.

It’s gorgeous and it’s made from telephone wire. That was one of the most artistically inspiring things about Africa: people used everything to create the most vibrant artwork. And, as a woman whose fashion choices stick pretty reliability to black, grey, and white, I love the joy of the colors.

What’s even cooler about this site is that it includes information about the artisans who produce the work. My beloved basket is created by Zulu women artists.

Visit the site here:

The article also mentions for East African shopping.

Here are the listings for the other global gift ideas that were included in the magazine:



The Americas:







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