Parental Involvement and Pasta

My son’s teachers host an annual spaghetti dinner in late January. It’s a great opportunity for parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members to come together on a Friday night and get to know the teachers, other school staff, and administrators in a purely social setting. There’s no talk of grades or behavior or book reports. The adults squish themselves into the cafeteria seats many of them left behind at least 15 years before and are immediately transported back to their own school days.

My son’s school – like most public schools in my experience – welcome parental involvement. And like most working parents, I am able to do only a fraction of what I would like to do to support the school and the teachers. Although the food is good, that’s not why I write it into my calendar as soon as it is announced every year or why I buy tickets for every member of my family that I can cajole into coming. I love this event because of what it illustrates for my son: that his teachers and his family are on the same page when it comes to his education.  And for a team like this, failure is not an option.


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