Disney Week: Traditional Norwegian Fare

One of the best things about travel is getting to try new foods. Unfortunately, once you become a parent, it’s a lot harder to jet off to Paris or Addis Ababa or Seoul. The nice thing about Disney (“It’s a Small World” jokes aside) is the opportunity to sample lots of different countries’ cuisine.

For our second night in Disney, we had dinner with the princesses in Norway. The meal began with a traditional koldtbord, an appetizer buffet that featured cold foods such as smoked salmon, cold salads, lunch meats, green salad, beet salad, and cheeses.

For dinner, I went even further out on a limb and tried traditional kjottkake, ground beef and pork dumplings served with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and lingonberry sauce.

It was delicious – and fun – to try something new.

As for my son, he chose from the Princes and Princesses menu and enjoyed his very un-Norweigian cheese pizza. We both had a good time peppering our Norwegian waiter with questions.

If your curiosity has been piqued, check out the menu from Disney’s Akershus Restaurant.

Kom og opplev varmen av Norge!

Come, enjoy the warmth of Norway!


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