McMom Car

When I got in my car today I was horrified to realize that it smelled like McDonald’s.  This shouldn’t have surprised me; the backseat is littered with chicken nugget boxes and had-to-have Happy Meal toys.  But somehow I expected better of myself.

So I decided to get my son in touch with a little of his German heritage – and a fried chicken dish called Chicken Schnitzel.

I’m not a proponent of fried anything but I thought I’d give this a try.  It was much more work than what I usually put into my chicken dishes, but it was worth the effort to educate my son that chicken doesn’t come in square boxes with a smiling clown on the side.

I served my version of Chicken Schnitzel with a side of Spaetzle, a German egg noodle.  I probably wouldn’t have been this authentic if the Spaetzle hadn’t appeared on my grocery store shelf in easy-to-make box form.

Try the recipe and let me know what you think – and what your remedy is when you fear you are overdosing on drive-through food!

Chicken Schnitzel


4 6-oz. chicken cutlets

¾ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. pepper

¾ tsp. paprika

1 c. flour for dredging

2 eggs beaten, for egg wash

3 c dried white bread crumbs

Canola oil for frying

Lemon sections, for garnish


Season the chicken cutlets with salt, pepper, and paprika.  Dredge in flour.  Dip in egg wash.  Coat with bread crumbs.

Add canola oil to the bottom of a deep-sided sauté pan until about ¼ inches deep.  On high heat, heat oil until it stops crackling.  Carefully add the first cutlet to the pan.  Cook until bottom is golden brown, then flip to the other side.  When cooked through, drain cutlets on paper towels and serve with the lemon wedges as a garnish.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are no vegetables on this plate; don’t worry, I got my son to eat some raw carrots as a compromise.


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