Cute Meet/Meat

I’ve been thinking about how I was first introduced to some of my favorite foods and in almost every instance, it’s a “cute meet.” That’s the phrase movie people use to discuss how the hero and heroine get together.

In “Moonstruck,” it’s when Cher goes to Richie’s bakery to tell him that she is marrying his brother.

In “Bringing Up Baby” it’s when Cary Grant trips on the olive that Katherine Hepburn is trying to catch in her mouth.

I’ve had a lot of “cute meets” with food over the years, and they have usually included some of my favorite people in the world.

For instance, I first met sushi through Cara, my closest childhood friend, when she invited me to tag along with her new college gang to a sushi restaurant in the Georgetown Park Mall in Washington, DC.

This same friend introduced me to collard greens through her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve 1999. Although the boyfriend is long gone, the recipe remains (full disclosure: I am cooking them right now!).

In the Peace Corps my friend Katherine was by my side when I had ginger beef, to and sauce gumbo, riz gras, rice with peanut sauce, boiled peanuts, whole grilled fish with attieke, and a host of other fascinating foods.

My best friend Danielle is a chef and with her by my side I have met some of my favorite foods: pad thai, lemon grass soup, watermelon granita, balsalmic chicken, and the amazing French cooking she mastered at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD.

For me, food and friendship is strongly linked and I’m looking forward to many more meals with my friends and many more food love affairs.


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