Birthday Feasts Around the World

In honor of my birthday (that doesn’t sound humble at all, does it?) I decided to have a little feast with my family and a few nearby friends. Although I think birthdays cease to be a big deal once you have kids of your own, it got me thinking about how birthdays are celebrated in other parts of the world.  Here are a few of the interesting facts I discovered:

Philippines: Children play a game very similar to the piñata on their birthday.  Candy and little toys are tied to bamboo sticks and hung from a tree branch.  The children have to grab the treats while an adult raises and lowers it.

China: On their special day, children are treated to a special dish that incorporates long, wheat noodles.  The length of the noodle signifies a long life.

Argentina: Instead of getting a “spanking” for every year of their life, children gently tug on the celebrant’s ears!

Israel: No spankings or ear-tuggings in Israel.  Instead, adults lift the birthday boy or girl – seated on a chair – once for every year of life, plus one for luck.


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