Read a Book, See the World

One of the things I love about reading is its power to take you anywhere in the world. If you can’t get away, you can still learn something new, see things you’ve never seen before, and get a different perspective just by checking out an atlas.

They’re expensive, so I’m always scouring the discount racks at my favorite bookstores. I think even the out-of-date ones are interesting. They list countries that don’t exist anymore or include names that have long since been changed or forgotten.

Paging through them, you really get a sense of how the vastness of our planet and that’s pretty humbling. And in my opinion, humility is never a bad thing.


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3 responses to “Read a Book, See the World

  1. Rosemary Macrie

    Kathy, I know that you’re a working very hands-on mother with a very demanding job. Therefore I’m doubly impressed that you started this endeavor. Continued success in all aspects of your life. Your love of books mirrors mine. Books can not only take you places but back in time. Books will not only take you to maps but to history books to learn more.

    • kathryncoulibaly

      Thanks for the encouragement! I really love to travel and learn about other cultures so it helps to have an outlet.

  2. Barbara Stanley

    Sounds like you’ve been finding some of my old schoolbooks. 🙂 Aunt Barbara

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