Put On Your Easter Bonnet

I read a great piece by Robin Givhan in the Washington Post about the dying tradition of Easter fashion, “Easter fashion has a rich history but its glory is eroding”.

It reminded me of Easters when I was a child. After my three siblings and I woke my parents up at the crack of dawn to hunt eggs and eat chocolate, we were helped into our Easter outfits and went to church.

I still can remember some of those dresses – the one my grandmother sewed for me, in particular (see above photo – author is second from left).

I even wore a little while hat and finished off the look with white tights and patent leather shoes.

Never mind that my brothers and sisters and I had been tearing the house apart just hours before; by the time we arrived at church we looked like perfect angels.

Unfortunately, it’s not a tradition I’ve carried on with my son; at least, not in the last couple of years.

With everything else on my mind, a new outfit for either of us – or even a “freshened up” outfit for either of us, just seems beyond my logistical abilities.

As much as I would love to present that put-together, polished, and reverent face to the world, I’m lucky if I make it to church on time (most of the time).

It’s a good goal for me to set for next Easter’s service. Until then I’ll just try to remember to leave the flip-flops at home!


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2 responses to “Put On Your Easter Bonnet

  1. Eleanor Macrie

    Your latest article about Easter brings back my own memories of always having a new Easter outfit.

    I’ve enjoyed your other articles as well especially about the different cultures.

  2. kathryncoulibaly

    Did you notice that none of us can keep our eyes open? Either it was a very early Easter service or the sun was blinding!

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