French Cooking Class – For Kids!

Recently, a friend and I took our children to the Ecole Francaise de Princeton to participate in their yearly cooking class.

Although my friend and I each speak French our children do not so we are eager to pass on the thrills – and frustrations – of learning another language.

What better way to motivate a child than with the promise of yummy food and a funny hat? It worked for us!

The first recipe the children tried was a verrine of “salty” foods that they layered in a clear plastic cup.

First, they mashed avocado, then they added some mozzarella cheese, then tomatoes, corn, and finally another layer of cheddar cheese on top, capped off by some crunchy veggie spears and olives.

Next the children decorated their “takeaway” boxes with geometric shapes, stickers, and bright colors.

Finally, the children made a chocolate mousse. They broke up chunks of chocolate, carefully measured egg whites and salt, and got to help mix everything together using an old-fashioned hand mixer (the instructor finished off with an electric beater).

The kids loved it. Not only did they get to hang out and get messy with other children, but they also got a taste of the mystery that learning a new language entails.

Since they are both smart kids, they were unaccustomed to a challenging class environment. Hearing the instructions in French and navigating the assignment with other children who may or may not have been fluent in either language was a great experience.

As our reward the moms ate chocolate mousse while while we chatted in French.

A la prochaine! (Next time!)

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