Crazy About Soccer/Football/Whatever!

Beginning when he was three, my son has played organized soccer.

I know – this is crazy. But when one of your parents comes from a soccer-mad country and the other one is an agnostic about sports (I believe that sports exist, I just don’t see how they are relevant to my life), and therefore apathetic about whether or not you play, the soccer-mad parent is going to win.

But it turns out that it’s a win for everyone because soccer is a really fun sport to play as well as watch (so long as you can tune out the parents screaming instructions on the sidelines).

It’s also an international sport. Unlike baseball, basketball, or American football, soccer’s passport has been enthusiastically stamped in almost every country in the world.

It can boast of 3.3-3.5 BILLION fans worldwide.

According to WikiAnswers, soccer (referred to online – and almost everywhere in the world that is not America – as “football”) has about 7 times as many fans as baseball does.

There are 70 English league teams, 40 Italian league teams, and 40 Spanish league teams. And that’s just Europe.

It’s a terrific sport because it can be played with so little equipment. You basically just need a reasonable soccer ball, and you’re done. The goals and lines can be marked out in dirt or grass or using anything that ingenuity can corral.

If that still hasn’t sold you on the sport, watch this:

This year the World Cup will be played in South Africa beginning on June 11. Check out their cute mascot!

He is a leopard named Zakumi, which basically means “South Africa 10.”

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