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I thought it would be fun to look around at what some other people are writing about food, kids, and exploring other cultures on the web.  Here are some neat ideas.

Moroccan Squash and Chickpea Stew

This recipe, courtesy of the Food Network, was recreated by “Luscioustreat”. As a big fan of the chickpea, I thought this recipe sounded delicious. The food looks amazing, too, but what would you expect from a professional food sytlist? I love that that is a career!

An even more interesting recipe for Moroccan bread follows the stew and it gives a little background on how Moroccan cooks prepare their meal.

Meet Helva and “Chewy” Turkish Ice Cream

OK, this just sounded AMAZING to me. This blog, “No onion please” focuses on food that does not include the somewhat ubiquitous onion. Now you know there is a blog out there for everyone.

I loved the pictures in this blog mostly because of the people in them. Instead of taking the food out of its cultural context, this blog lets the culture be part of the presentation.

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