Boardwalk Culture

Growing up on the Jersey shore, I was inundated with Boardwalk culture.

If you’ve never visited New Jersey in the summer, I can assure you it is a cultural delight.

Where else can you indulge in your loves of roller coasters, carnival hucksters, vicious seagulls, classic games such as Whack-a-mole and air hockey, and enjoy soft-serve ice cream, Italian water ice, and pizza, all in the comfort of your soggy bathing suit?

But the epitome of what I love about the Jersey Boardwalk is funnel cake. What’s not to love? It’s fried dough and powdered sugar.

The really cool thing is that funnel cake – in its most basic, raw form – is just a funky doughnut. And doughnuts are a global phenomenon. From Iran to Ghana to China to Germany and on and on, doughnuts are truly a worldwide sensation.

So wherever you are this summer, raise your doughnut, funnel cake, balushahi, sufganiyah, or yo-yo and celebrate.

If you’re interested in making your own funnel cake, take a look at this YouTube video.


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