KidCulture On The Road!

I love to travel but having a child, a mortgage, a job, and other responsibilities has definitely slowed down my passport stamp collection.

Now that my son is school-age, it seemed like a good idea to try out our travel compatibility with a road trip to Niagara Falls, NY to take in the views – and we had an awesome time.

Eight hours in the car (each way) was a terrific opportunity to spend some time together, talk, and share some new experiences.

We chose Niagara Falls because it seemed like a kid-friendly, educational, but fun place to get away – and it was.

The unexpected benefit was how many different kinds of families also chose to visit. We stood in line with people from around the world, who were speaking English, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages. Amish, Orthodox Jewish, and even a group of Buddhist monks, all mingled on the sidewalks, trolleys, and at the viewing areas.

Our trip was a big success – from our perspective.

We don’t know the exhaustive history of Niagara Falls, but we rode “The Maid of the Mist”, watched fireworks from our hotel room, walked among the rapids of Bridal Veil Falls, ate a lot of Buffalo wings (invented in nearby Buffalo, NY), took hundreds of pictures (often with our stuffed animal family members), and frolicked in the grass next to Horseshoe Falls.


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