Tailgating, Anyone?

I’m not really a sports fan, I just like the parties. I think that’s true for a lot of people (especially those of us who have suffered long, intense droughts when our local sports teams failed to live up to our expectations! I’m talking to you, Philadelphia Eagles!).

But one thing everyone can agree on is that we need another excuse for a party. Face it: Life – and sports – are hard; you should be permitted to face them with a sandwich in hand.

Recently, I attended a cooking class on food that can be served at a tailgate party. It was fantastic – and with a definite focus on meat, in all its glorious forms!

We enjoyed a delicious brisket with homemade barbecue sauce.

There were fantastic lamb gyros with tzatziki sauce layered over a cucumber and tomato salad.






Old-school sausage and pepper sandwiches (with lots of yummy tomato sauce and without).

A muffaletta sandwich which was described by my Philly cooking instructor as “New Orleans’ hoagie”.

A new take on chicken wings, this one using a muted, but still delicious, red curry.

And a gorgeous buffalo-blue cheese meatball sandwich that will make hearts soar, mouths water, and keep Tums in business!

It almost makes me crave a salad!

I did notice the increasing international flavor of Americans’ tailgate menus. As the chef pointed out, if you show up with burgers and dogs you’re going to get laughed at in the parking lot.

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