Donut Days: Smoutebollen from Belgium

smoutebollenSmoutebollen are a traditional Christmas – or winter – treat in Belgium.

Don’t be turned off by the name, which in Flemish means “lard balls.” I can assure that no lard made its way into these delicious, beer-inflected donuts.

They can range in size from golf balls to tennis balls and are typically served dusted with powdered sugar.

You can fancy-up your smoutebollen by filling them with delicious ingredients such as chocolate or apple but plain is just perfect, too.

Check out Chef Danielle’s take on smoutebollen with apple at

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  1. Yeah, sometimes name can be deceiveing. I remember my first years in Malaysia they have this rice called “Nasi Lemak”, I always ate them without bothering to ask for the ingredients but as I slowly learned the language I was turned off all of a sudden as it means “Fatty Rice” if directly translated. Nasi for rice and Lemak for fat, I suddently stopped eating them but after I asked one of the chef who made whether it is made out of fats he said dont translate the name directly as its misleading so I went back eating them again. It was just rice boiled in coconut milk.

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