Donut Days: Fank from Hungary

FankFank, also known as farsang fank, or ribboned carnival doughnuts, are a traditional Hungarian carnival food.

Hungarian carnival – like that in many other parts of the world – last from about Twelfth Night until Ash Wednesday, but it really heats up just before Lent begins (generally in February or March).

Hungarian carnival, also known as farsang, features parades with people wearing crazy masks, parties and feasts.

Most of the traditions associated with farsang are not religious. It’s just an opportunity to have a good time, blow off some steam, and prepare for the Lenten season.

Traditionally, Hungarians enjoy fank during carnival. The recipe may vary, but most Hungarians enjoy their fank with a side of apricot jam.

Here is a recipe from Chef Danielle at for fank. Try and it and see if it earns a spot at your next feast!


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