Royal Wedding Cake By Mail

Royal Wedding Cake

William and Catherine's wedding cake

Here’s a new reason to check the mailbox every day: wedding cake in the mail.

Apparently, it is a tradition in the British Royal Family to mail pieces of wedding cake to people who were unable to be invited to the wedding itself.

The cake, which is usually a dense fruitcake to ensure that it has a long shelf-life, is sliced into slivers and placed in cake boxes specially made for the purpose.

The tradition dates back to at least 1840 and Queen Victoria’s wedding cake.

Queen Victoria Wedding PartySince Queen Victoria – and her husband, Albert – were related to many of the most influential heads of state around the world, it would have been very important personally and diplomatically that each of them receive a slice of cake in recognition of their connection.

However, for as long as the Royal Family has mailed their wedding cake, there have been instances of wedding cake mail theft. So if you think there’s any chance that a slice is still on its way to your home, make sure you don’t let it linger in your mailbox!

Here is a photo of a preserved piece of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding cake from 1840 – making it more than 170 years old!

Piece of Queen Victoria's wedding cake

Piece of Queen Victoria's wedding cake

If you’re still interested in trying the “official royal fruitcake,” here’s a recipe from the cake designer and baker who created Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding cake, Fiona Cairns.


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2 responses to “Royal Wedding Cake By Mail

  1. Fantastic post. I never knew that.
    I’m not sure that I fancy a nibble on Victoria and Albert’s wedding cake. When you say it has a long shelf life I think that would be pushing it. 🙂

    • Kathryn Coulibaly

      I agree; one of the reports of Victoria and Albert’s wedding cake called it “mummified”! Fruitcake has amazing resiliency but once you hit 150 years you’re probably pushing it too far. Thanks so much for commenting today!

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