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Explore Korean Food for Chinese New Year

Not only is Korean food fun to pronounce, it’s delicious to eat.

Although Korean food is less well known than Japanese and Chinese food, according to food experts, it’s set to be the hot new cuisine in 2011.

Adults trying Korean food for the first time may want to choose items that are similar to foods they already know and like. Tangsuyuk is like sweet and sour chicken. Kalbi is beef on the bone, similar to spare ribs.

For adults who love spicy food, try kimchi jigae, a spicy stew.

For children, mandu soup is a great place to begin because it’s similar to wonton soup. If they’re willing to try tofu, it’s a great, healthy choice. Tofu is flavor-friendly; with just a little soy sauce it’s similar to eating plain rice.

Bim Bim Bap is also a good choice for children because you can control the spiciness.

If they’re into noodles, ramyan are thin noodles served with broth.


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