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Fresh Ideas on School Lunches

Even though the school year is only a few weeks old, many parents (like me) have already fallen into the school lunch doldrums. Even when they are lucky enough to have a child willing to try new things, they’re just at a loss for what to serve that’s nutritious, portable, and able to withstand the typical child’s backpack until lunchtime.

Well, fret no more because my friend (who happens to be a super-talented chef) has some ideas for you. Chef Danielle is the creator of www.cookingclarified.com and she recently put together a FREE, downloadable e-book called Lessons in Lunch that will give you some fresh, multicultural ideas to answer the question: what’s for lunch?

You may also be interested in my cameo appearance in the e-book as the author of an article on school lunches around the world.

Happy Reading! (And Eating!)

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Fasten Your Book Bags, It’s Back to School Time!

Incredibly, it’s almost time for students to go back to school. I’ve already started stocking up on notebooks and folders.

I’m keeping an eye out for a strong lunch bag for my son. (He’s pretty rough on lunch bags.)

And I’ve been hoarding $1 bills to combat the usual Monday morning money crunch when I have to send in any lunch money for the week plus snack money.

If you’re like me, lunch is one of the biggest decisions of the day (after what to wear). I pack a lunch for my son and me almost every day. And sometimes, I get a little tired of the same-old, same-old. Not my son, however. He’s content to take a juice box and a cheese and mayo sandwich every day of the year.

So I thought this article from KitchenDaily.com was interesting because it not only looks at the history of school lunches in the United States but also what school lunches look like around the world.  

Check out the sidebar articles on topics like “Making School Lunch Fun” and “School Snacks that Work For Everyone.” Maybe you’ll get some great ideas, too.

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