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Donut Days: Smoutebollen from Belgium

smoutebollenSmoutebollen are a traditional Christmas – or winter – treat in Belgium.

Don’t be turned off by the name, which in Flemish means “lard balls.” I can assure that no lard made its way into these delicious, beer-inflected donuts.

They can range in size from golf balls to tennis balls and are typically served dusted with powdered sugar.

You can fancy-up your smoutebollen by filling them with delicious ingredients such as chocolate or apple but plain is just perfect, too.

Check out Chef Danielle’s take on smoutebollen with apple at CookingClarified.com.

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The Donut/Doughnut Project

DonutsRaise your hand if you need a pick-me-up. If you’re still recovering from:

  • A seemingly endless winter;
  • Stressful work load;
  • Agonizing semester of school;
  • Bad breakup;
  • Good breakup
  • Assorted life changes;
  • Parenting.

Take your pick of excuses to luxuriate in a 20 mouth-watering, decadent, and global donut/doughnut recipes presented to you in a special partnership between KidCulture and CookingClarified.com.

As moms, writers, and donut lovers, this is our April gift to you. Over the course of the Donut Project, I will be providing the global context for these fabulous donuts from around the world and Chef Danielle of Cooking Clarified will be testing and photographing the donuts.

This is a truly ¬†heroic effort on Chef Danielle’s part – but she assures me it will be worth the sacrifice that she and her family will be making!

We’re eager to hear your comments, entertain your suggestions for other donuts you love from across the globe, and hear about your donut adventures.


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Do You – Or Do You Not – Love Donuts?

Donuts – Doughnuts, potato – potAHto – I love them no matter how you spell them.

It’s been my good fortune to travel to a lot of countries that have a strong donut culture. Among the strongest is my native state of New Jersey where you can get a pretty good donut at Wawa, a family bakery, Dunkin Donuts, or the grocery store.

Living in West Africa, I was delighted to discover that donut culture is global. In Burkina, we ate donuts make from ground bean, wheat, and corn. And I loved them all (well, maybe not the bean donuts so much).

Chinese donuts – the kind you find at the restaurants that offer buffet dining – are very similar to those flour-based donuts I sampled in Burkina. They’re also easy to make at home.

Chinese/Burkinabe Donuts

Buy a cylinder of butter-flavored biscuits (store-brand is fine).

Heat up enough oil to fry the donuts (I never fry so this was a difficult step – and it hurt my budget-conscious soul to use that much canola oil on one recipe, but I did it).

Open the biscuits and either cut each round in half or quarters, depending on the size of the donut you like.

Roll the biscuit halves or quarters into balls.

Test the oil by gently placing one donut in the hot oil. See how quickly it turns brown.

You need to be able to cook the donut through in the center before it becomes too brown on the outside.

If your “test” donut succeeds, add a couple more balls of dough. If not, adjust the heat accordingly and then add more dough.

Halfway through the 3-4 minute cooking time (depending on the heat of your oil), flip the donut to evenly brown all sides.

After another minute or so, use a tongs or slotted spoon to remove the donuts.

Allow them to drain on paper towels.

When they have drained, pop them into a bowl with white sugar and coat evenly.

Then taste – and enjoy!

If my directions were too maddening (I really do cook this way) check out this site for more explicit information but skip to the shortcut version of the recipe!

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