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Develop Your Kid Handbook

People like to say that children don’t come with a parenting manual, and that’s true. From the moment they are born, children force parents to figure out the rules as they go along – sometimes with comical outcomes.

But for every parent who’s ever wondered “Am I doing this right?” (which basically includes all of us), there are resources to help develop your own “Kid Handbook.”

For me, one of the big challenges is how to share with my child all the wonderful things there are in the world while keeping him safe and happy.

So I was glad to find out that PBS has a parent section of their website that provides some tips for how to deal with the news.

As a news junkie – and someone who likes to follow what is going on in the world – I don’t like to share too much of the bad news with my son.  At six, I just feel that he’s too young. So I was eager to read PBS Parents’ tips.

PBS Parents provides these “Communications Pointers”:

  • Find out what your child knows about the news.
  • Listen to what your child tells you.
  • Ask a follow-up question.
  • Shield children under age eight from disturbing news.
  • Avoid repeated TV viewings of the same news event.
  • Monitor older children’s exposure to the news.
  • Develop an ongoing dialogue with your child about what’s happening in the world.

PBS Parents has other “Talking with Kids” guides on talking with kids about everything and talking with kids about health.  Check them out here.

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