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KneidlachAlso known as matzoh ball soup, kneidlach became an obsession of mine about a year ago when I fixated on a soup I had eaten a long time ago.

Now this soup is in permanent rotation at my house.

I enjoy asking people who grew up with it questions to fine-tune my recipe.

Keep the carrots, celery and/or onion in the broth when you serve it?

Just use them as a flavoring and then discard them?

Buy matzoh mix and take it easy on yourself?

Make the matzoh balls from scratch?

Matzoh balls the size of a golfball or a tennis ball?

As you can see, I doubt I will ever get tired of this soup.

Kneidlach (Matzoh Ball Soup)

For matzoh balls, you can make them from scratch but I used a matzoh ball mix to which you still need to add eggs and oil.

Follow the box’s instructions to make and cook the matzoh balls. Set aside and make the broth (below).

2- 32 oz. containers of chicken broth

¼ c. shredded carrots

¼ c. diced onions

½ c. diced celery

2 cloves garlic, diced fine




Bring ingredients to a slow boil.  Add matzoh balls, heat through and serve.

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The Great Matzoh Ball Debate

As a Catholic, I am a clumsy newcomer to Jewish cuisine, but one sip of matzoh ball soup at a friend’s house more than ten years ago has haunted me ever since.

This year, in a burst of courage, I decided to research and attempt to recreate that delicious soup. I was more or less successful. At the end of the day I had soup, after all. But it was no masterpiece. Take a look for yourself:

Undoubtedly, you will recognize a problem just from viewing these pictures. The matzoh balls are too small!

Blame it on a cautious newcomer. As some friends pointed out to me, the matzoh ball should be big and fluffy, something like the one I was served in a diner in South Brunswick, NJ.

I am delighted to find out that I’m not alone in my struggle for matzoh ball perfection. Bonnie Berwick, a food writer for the Washington Post, has tried – and failed – for years to make a just-right matzoh ball on command. Her article, “The Art and Architecture of Matzoh Balls,” is great but I truly devoured the pictures.

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