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Peeps Contest a Right of Spring

Chilean miners peeps diorama

Photo courtesy Washington Post

For the past five years, the Washington Post has organized a “Peep Show” in which people create dioramas depicting different scenes using marshmallow Peeps as the inspiration.

Although the Post‘s contest is not unique, it is my favorite because the entries blend politics, global events, cultural touchstones, news, society, and silliness. It’s a mirror of the city.

This year the big winner was a scene depicting the Peeps version of the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners. It’s an amazing piece of Peep art and I dare anyone to look at the photos of each of the entries without cracking a smile. You just can’t.

It’s amazing how something so childish (in a good way) can bring out so much creativity, imagination, and insight.

It might seem ridiculous but these Peeps creations reflect back at us the world in which we live – the art we appreciate, the daily hassles of modern life, the movies we watch, our scandals, and our celebrations.

So how would you sum up your year through the eyes of a Peep? You’ve got a little less than one year to create your own entry into next year’s contest.

For more Peeps fun, check out the official Peeps website. They have great recipes you can try that feature – of course – Peeps.

And you can read up on Peeps history via KidCulture’s article, Without a Peep.

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