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The Most Popular Candy in the World



Reese’s peanut butter cups, Sweettarts, Smarties: these were the candies I traded for on Halloween night. But remarkably, none of these holds the official title of “the most popular candy in the world.”

stead, that distinction belongs to M&Ms. I kid you not.

Personally, M&Ms don’t even make my top ten list, but apparently, I have been outvoted by a majority of the 6.8 billion people on the planet (assuming they all voted). According to¬†BusinessWeek, M&Ms lead all the candies in the world.

However, I find something to be desired in the rigorousness of their research. Hall’s – which we know in the U.S. is a cough drop – also made the list for their incredible popularity in Thailand where not even this ad campaign, where people fly out of a young man’s nose, could diminish the drop’s popularity.

Thailand's favorite candy
Thailand’s favorite candy

So chew on that this Halloween.



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