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Put On Your Easter Bonnet

I read a great piece by Robin Givhan in the Washington Post about the dying tradition of Easter fashion, “Easter fashion has a rich history but its glory is eroding”.

It reminded me of Easters when I was a child. After my three siblings and I woke my parents up at the crack of dawn to hunt eggs and eat chocolate, we were helped into our Easter outfits and went to church.

I still can remember some of those dresses – the one my grandmother sewed for me, in particular (see above photo – author is second from left).

I even wore a little while hat and finished off the look with white tights and patent leather shoes.

Never mind that my brothers and sisters and I had been tearing the house apart just hours before; by the time we arrived at church we looked like perfect angels.

Unfortunately, it’s not a tradition I’ve carried on with my son; at least, not in the last couple of years.

With everything else on my mind, a new outfit for either of us – or even a “freshened up” outfit for either of us, just seems beyond my logistical abilities.

As much as I would love to present that put-together, polished, and reverent face to the world, I’m lucky if I make it to church on time (most of the time).

It’s a good goal for me to set for next Easter’s service. Until then I’ll just try to remember to leave the flip-flops at home!


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