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Royal Wedding Food Takes the Cake

wedding cakeYou don’t have to score an invitation to the British royal wedding to be able to eat festive food.

Thanks to global entrepreneurship, Americans can join the British and many others around the world in celebrating the happiness of Prince William and Kate (Catherine) Middleton by hoisting a donut, digging into an ice cream cake, or partaking in one of the world’s most expensive (and creepy) pizzas.┬áCheck out the slideshow below for peeks at each of the royal-themed treats.

Dunkin Donuts led the way with their Royal Wedding donut. This week only, April 24-29, you can get an 89-cent taste of their homage to the royal wedding. But don’t get too excited. Since there are no Dunkin Donuts in England it’s not like William and Kate will be ditching the fruit cake for donuts.

Baskin Robbins jumped on board and also unveiled a wedding-inspired treat. The Royal Wedding ice cream cake will be available in April and May so you may want to hurry; these cakes won’t last much longer than a Shamrock Shake.

Papa John’s dubious contribution to wedding food is a one-of-a-kind pizza made to look like the royal couple. The bride is made out of cheese and mushrooms and the groom is depicted using the artful arrangement of salami. But this one is limited to residents of the United Kingdom, so American pizza lovers are out of luck.

Silliness aside, the actual royal wedding cake is being made by Fiona Cairns. It will be a multi-tiered fruit cake, which is traditional for English weddings, and it will include symbols representing England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland as well as items representing Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince William is also requesting a cookie cake made using “biscuits,” or cookies from the McVitie’s company. Betty Crocker’s got a recipe you can try. The good news is that it will require far fewer cookies than the actual royal wedding cake, which will use 1,700 tea biscuits and more than 37 pounds of chocolate.

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