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Get on the UN’s Cyberschoolbus

United NationsThe United Nations Cyberschoolbus website is a great resource for parents, teachers, and others interested in teaching children about other cultures.

The website includes:

  • Facts and information about UN member nations;
  • An online child art gallery;
  • Interactive games to teach children about water conservation and forestry;
  • News and information about issues facing children around the world;
  • And basic UN information.

Although not everything is appropriate for every child – I would not share the child soldier information with elementary school children, for example – there are great resources for parents and educators to test-drive before going online with kids.

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Art Without Borders

child artOne of the indisputably best things about being a child is coloring. It’s a great way for them to express themselves creatively, it builds dexterity in very young children, and it also helps them process their emotions.

There are a number of organizations that work with children to provide them with the resources and opportunities to create art. The International Child Art Foundation, based in Washington, DC, has helped children produce art in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Chinese earthquake, and the 2004 tsunami. The foundation has even used art to help children in conflict such as Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots.

The United Nations also has used art to get children sharing their thoughts on poverty and climate change.

There are even some websites, such as the Global Children’s Art Gallery, even allow users to submit their own art. Give it a try!

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A First Family That Looks Like America

diverse190In my family, we speak English, French, Spanish, and at least three African languages.  Our surnames are German, Italian, Puerto Rican, and West African.  We are often accused of being the familial equivalent of the United Nations.

On January 20, our country  – and our family – got a new vision of what our nation’s First Family looks like and it’s one that mirrors my family’s experience.  This article about the Obamas’ in the New York Times illustrates how America is changing – from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.  

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